Security parameters for Server Colocation Facilities in the US

colocation server hosting

US is the largest hub for data centers and web hosting services with as 44% of world data centers lie in it. Colocating your server in the US data centers is a great idea as the US still holds the best infrastructure and secured colocation hosting services compared to any emerging data center in market. Data security, high network bandwidth, power and cooling infrastructure, less tax rates on IT services etc. at colocation data centers in the US are super-advanced and exceptional.

Multi-level security parameters adopted by the US data centers keep your co-location server safe and secured from any threat or unauthorized access.

Security parameters for Colocation Hosting Facilities in the US:

  • Biometric login system:Biometric login system allows only authorized person to enter the data center by detecting their fingerprint or retina.
  • Scanner:A machine to detect any threat and notify the security management.
  • Security Alarms:The moment any threat is identified, the security alarm installed throughout the facility alerts the security staff to take actions immediately.
  • Coded card access: One can enter the data center and its different section only through coded cards provided by the authority
  • No unauthorized access:No one can access data center without authorized approval.
  • 24x7x365 CCTV surveillance:Constant CCTV surveillance across the data center campus records activities of each second at 360 degrees level.
  • On-site security staffs:A large team of well-trained security staffs to manage any physical security challenge.
  • Data security: It involves securing of data through state of the art software and hardware tools to provide robust security to the systems from viruses,malware threats, and hacking attempts.
  • Protection from nature: It involves protection from fire which can cause irreparable damage to physical equipment and mission-critical data. For this, data centers use sophisticated fire suppression solutions and high-end smoke detection systems. Other than this, data center location is selected in a region with no past history of floods, storms, earthquakes etc.

Apart from primary physical security protocols, Data centers in the US also have best firewall network security for colocation hosting services which keep the server protected from any server security breach, spam or virus attack. Redundant infrastructure including secondary power backup, cooling network connectivity are significant in maintaining business continuity.

  • UPS
  • Diesel generators
  • Secondary cooling
  • Multiple Internet Service providers
  • Multiple fiber carriers

Disaster management practices in US data centers are also vital in keeping the co-located servers safe and secured.

  • Smoke detectors
  • FM-200 fire suppression system
  • Water-level control measures