The growth of Self Service platforms in Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting market is growing rapidly. IT managers are dealing with the management efficiency issues of hybrid cloud infrastructure. It combines the traditional infrastructure with the modern technologies. It is a balanced blend of public cloud infrastructure with private cloud, as a result, the hybrid cloud infrastructure becomes quite complex to…

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What Favors the Data Center Market Boom?

Cloud computing Data Center Market Boom

Recently, I came across a statement which stated- ‘Data centers are the center of everything’ and I couldn’t agree more. With cloud computing hosting services, big data, internet of things and many other futuristic concepts (which have already started emerging and settling) will all be centered around the data centers.…

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Cloud Computing Future: Storing Data in DNA

cloud computing server services

We are in the Cloud computing age. In this age, technology is used on a large scale by individuals and enterprises. It is used to store their critical business data in the form of “Cloud Storage”, or “Online Data Storage”. It enables businesses to access or share their data remotely which immensely increase the capabilities…

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