DDoS: Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

DDoS Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

While IT operators have discovered methods to avert unplanned outages, DDoS attacks are still playing its part in wreaking havoc in the data centers. UPS system failure was considered as one of the most common factors leading to power outage. The recent reports released by Emerson states that unexpected downtime…

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How’s the Idea of Sparing an Extra Server?

What would you do with a spare server

Spare servers can be a good idea in the case of any downtime due to some equipment failure. Things will remain functional even if there are hardware issues. It will help in minimizing the downtime and ensure business continuity. Managed hosting services help businesses in carrying out their IT operations…

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Data center Consolidation: Optimization of IT resources

Data Center Consolidation Optimization of IT resources

What is Data Center Consolidation? Data Center Consolidation is the concept to maximize the IT efficiency in an enterprise to reduce IT assets. Adoption of efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization etc. leads to optimum utilization of the server capacity as well as the resources. Moreover, implementing a…

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Windows Server 2016: A Detailed Overview


Windows Server 2016 is soon to be launched this year. Technologists are looking up to this latest version of Windows server as a modern and revolutionary technology. New apps, advanced features, Cloud-first world, and Speed are some of the highlights of this latest version. Microsoft has mentioned that Windows Server…

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Essential things to consider while buying a hosting server?

dedicated web server hosting service

The evolution in technology has enhanced the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of hosting servers that have further aided small as well as large businesses in improving productivity. From web hosting server to application server to virtual server, a plethora of options are available, each performing a specific task that it is designed to…

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Rack Server – Definition, uses and benefits

Server Rack

Rack server are computers designed to be installed in the data center cabinets or metal framework and is a part of server colocation. The rack consists of multiple sections, each constructed in a similar pattern to equip a unit of computer servers. An assortment of servers are mounted on top…

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