How Unlimited Bandwidth Is Different From Unmetered Bandwidth?

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When you think about network connectivity, bandwidth speed is something which an individual looks while choosing a web hosting company. In most cases the core reason behind the slow network is bandwidth, remember it has nothing to do with web downtime.

In technical terms, bandwidth is defined as the time a range of frequencies within a given band, in particular, that used for transmitting a signal. If explain in simple language it the time taken to complete the process of transmission of data among two devices. It provides fast load time and therefore, it allows one to upload or download data/content from a web source in a specific period of time. In order to understand more easily, replace the term ‘bandwidth’ with ‘speed’. While purchasing bandwidth hosting package, we keep in consideration the speed, that speed itself is bandwidth. Remember higher the bandwidth, better the speed.

Unlimited bandwidth V/S Unmetered bandwidth

If your provider says that he is providing you with infinite bandwidth usage, don’t mix it up with infinite bandwidth usage. It actually means that you are allowed to upload or download unlimited data within a specific time period. Many web hosting provider companies offer unlimited bandwidth hosting package, which is only a part of their marketing tactics to sway customers.

Web hosting providers are able to offer the unlimited tag, as they are well aware that most end-users consume only a part of the bandwidth allowed. For example, if your hosting service provider offers unlimited bandwidth it could also mean that only the first 5 GB if free. Small companies use only a fraction of data that can be around 1 GB a month and so the catch here is to influence customers to buy the plan and enjoy data usage.

On the other side, unmetered bandwidth means the amount of data consumed will not be measured. However, the fact is that data traffic consumption is measured and what server hosting service providers avoid doing is put limitations on your data usage. It deals with the speed of data transfer, which means that customers can experience maximum network speed.

While the competition is strengthening and the market of web hosting service is growing wide, companies have started to build strategies to promote business and ‘unlimited’ is considered as a persuasive approach to attract customers. However, unlimited bandwidth packages can be beneficial for customers as they can consume loads of data without worrying about data overage charges.

If you opt for unlimited bandwidth package, it will result in getting more traffic on your website and you can use data as much as you want without worrying about surpassing your network plan.

Now that the terms are defined precisely, you can go ahead and choose the bandwidth plan that best suit your web server hosting needs.


Advantages & disadvantages of Unmetered Bandwidth

Advantages :

1) Sole user of resources:

With unmetered bandwidth hosting, you can become the sole user of your server as the system resources are not shared. You can control, manage all the information that is stored on the server. Also, you can either process it or share it accordingly. This can also help reduce downtime as the system resources are not shared & your users can access the server services with full speed.

2) Data Security & Timely assistance :

With unmetered bandwidth, you can increase & strengthen security. With it, you are the sole owner of a dedicated server. You can use & determine which IP addresses are accessing the server. You can avail timely technical assistance to avoid or rectify any threat. The facility of a customized control panel enables to control, manage the website easily. It also helps in assigning permissions to specific users to better manage the website.

Disadvantages :

1) Cost :

Unmetered bandwidth gives advantages of a dedicated server. It has enormous benefits but it also comes with its own disadvantages like cost. A managed dedicated server is mostly dedicated to a single company but it may involve managing a single or multiple websites. For this, claiming unmetered bandwidth & then setting up, managing & troubleshooting can add additional costs. In short, every website associated with unmetered bandwidth incurs technical & financial costs to website owners.

2) Technical Know-how

Managing a dedicated server requires technical expertise & also time to manage it efficiently. One should have sound skills & technical knowledge about IP routing, MX records and the complete know how about server mechanisms. Implementing & fulfilling these processes is generally a tedious task. For this, an organization needs to hire right professional network administrators. This will help in saving costs either due to insufficient technical expertise or wrong methodologies implemented to fix a problem.


Advantages & disadvantages of Unlimited Bandwidth

Advantages :

1) Hassle free access to server :

Unlimited server bandwidth simply means putting no limits on your bandwidth usage for clients. This is particularly useful if you have multiple websites hosted on the same managed hosting server. Also, if you intend to work with a single domain or multiple domains in the future then this is the best option for you.

2) Fast Interaction :  

Getting more traffic will ultimately benefit your website through this plan, which will be very beneficial for your business from the marketing prospect. 

Disdavantages :

1. Lack of customer support :

Unlimited bandwidth usually has more users of the server system. More users of the service mean more server usage & will make it more difficult to maintain server stability. Also, there will be a long queue to track & handle complaints of customers for technical assistance.

2. Additional expense :

The companies which provide unlimited bandwidth for businesses and for websites usually give plans that come with a number of options. Some of those are unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth hosting, domain services, database storage etc which can substantially increase your cost.