Best 10 Data Centers News in 2018


The data center industry has been evolving at a rapid pace. Difficulties and challenges are obvious in every business sector and so it was with the IT infrastructure. Here are some top data centers stories of 2018 highlighting the major changes, evolution and disruption in the industry that hit the headlines all over the web and other platforms

  1. Nautilus Technologies developed a 8 MW Floating Colocation Data Center

The Floating data center developed by Nautilus Technologies assures to offer double the features than the IT infrastructures on land. It is believed that the 230-foot massive server farm will serve more features at lesser cost, promises energy-efficiency, flexibility and higher security. The IT Company claims that its facility will use 50% less energy than the conventional data centers.

  1. Video Tour to Google Data Center in South Carolina

Google provided a rare look into its South Carolina data center. It posted a five and half-minute video briefing about the facility’s potent security and cooling system. Google also claims that it has been investigating with rainwater retention pond that they use as a source of water for its data center’s cooling system.

  1. 13 Million passwords leaked from free webhosting firm

13 million passwords belonging to a Lithuanian website, was leaked, which also included usernames and email-addresses. An Australian researcher, Troy Hunt, who also offers a service that helps people find out if their websites have been hacked, discovered the breach.

  1. Microsoft ties up with rival Red Hat for cloud computing

The long-time rivals set aside its years of contention and turned into partners in order to offer their customers a Hybrid of Cloud solutions. With this tie-up, Microsoft is offering Red Hat Linux solutions on Microsoft Azure.

  1. Data Center Outage Disrupts Fujitsu Cloud in USA

Fujitsu data center in Silicon Valley, US suffered power outage that took the entire cloud platform offline. According to sources, the effects of outage persisted for many days afterwards, disturbing its customers’ business operations.

  1. At Facebook Data Centers, New Protocol Helps Add Servers Faster

One of the major projects Facebook put into effect in 2018 was reducing the time consumed between installation of servers in the facility and point it goes live on the web. The new protocol was introduced to minimize the time involved between these two points that could result in adding servers to the data center and turning it online at a faster pace.

  1. Lightning in Belgium Disrupts Google Data Center Cloud Services

In August, a series of lightning struck on a local utility grid in Belgium that caused a brief power loss to the Google data center, resulting disruption in its cloud services. Besides, the interruption led to a small number of permanent data loss that was stored, freshly.

  1. Microsoft introduced Azure Public Cloud Stack for Private Data Centers

Now with the Microsoft’s extended offering, users can develop and deploy Azure Public cloud in their own data center or on a third-party facility. Azure stack is a combination of Microsoft technologies and the similar services available on Azure cloud will now be accessible in an in-house IT infrastructure.

  1. Century Link launched its first cloud data center in Asia

Although CenturyLink has been offering data center services in Asia, in 2018 it expanded its business by launching their first cloud-based IT facility in the region that will now also provide cloud services to its widespread customers.

  1. Compass is piloting wearable technology in their data center

The company is experimenting with wearable technology and has been introducing the set of high-tech gears and other advanced technology to its workers that will help them in optimizing maintenance and other operational techniques.

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