Understanding the Future of Servers

Technological enthusiasts and experts are always striving to achieve some technical innovation to bring a revolutionary change in the functional IT landscape. It started with large mainframe computers; then there were bulky desktops, now there are light-weighted Laptops with exponential capabilities than that of older mainframes. Even there are handy devices like tablets and smartphones capable of doing several things.

Such innovations and then transition to the newer technologies always start with a trend analysis. A little convergence of existing technologies brings an innovative and futuristic concept.

Sometimes an older technology is blended with some contemporary features, repackaged and a hybrid model is created, capable of offering more efficient and effective results. So, future always has its roots in the History. Future is forecasted based on the trends that have been observed in the past as well as in the present.

Understanding the Future of Servers

Cloud Vs. Dedicated servers: Cloud is the most popular technology today and most of the businesses are moving its data to the cloud. This has given a harsh blow to the dedicated servers. Perhaps, this is the reason many IT experts believe that cloud is going to be the future of servers and it will beat dedicated servers.

Whereas, the other group has a different thought. They believe that there is an increase in the demands of dedicated hosting than earlier and even the cost of dedicated servers are going down which will attract more buyers.

Undoubtedly, cloud servers have the advanced features, it’s the green server technology, flexible and reliable. Above all, its pay per use pricing model makes it highly affordable and its flexibility enables the users to innovate in a much easier way. But at the same time, dedicated servers has its own significance and some of its features are invincible.

Future of dedicated servers: Dedicated servers are still the best as no other solution offers the speed, agility, availability, security and reliability like dedicated hosting solutions.

SSD vs. Hard Drives: SSDs will completely replace bulky and lesser efficient hard drives. There will be all-SSD storage and backup and archives will be stored in the public cloud.

No one can specifically define the future of servers, but both dedicated hosting and cloud solutions are secure, scalable, flexible, agile and reliable hosting solutions.