Understanding Email Security Risks and Solutions

Email Security

Email is an integral part of any organization today. We send as well as receive plenty of emails every day. Some are important, some are very important while most of the emails in our inbox are spams. And these spams are the predominant medium of malware and virus infection to the system. This calls for a strong security design implementation for businesses. Another common way of intruding email privacy is when the email data travels between server and web browser, especially in public internet environment. To establish secured connection between the web server and the web browser, SSL security, HTTPS implementation are some of the recommended options.

In fact, Google has made HTTPS as the default encryption for Gmail since 2010 for better security. Similarly, Yahoo started SSL as default security encryption for Yahoo Mail since 2014. Also, Microsoft followed the suit for its Outlook Mail system with HTTPS encryption.

Emails, be it personal or business-related, are very crucial for any user. This is the reason why enterprises spend a major portion of their IT investments in email management, its continuity and security. Even a slightest of downtime due to any management loophole, power outage or any security breach, may lead to a great deal of business loss.

Emails are very much vulnerable to security risks. On an average 4% of spam emails contain malicious code or virus, and 70% of all emails are spams. So, one can easily analyze the security risk levels of email communication. However, there are multiple email security solutions available and one of them is Unisecure hosted email services. Robust Email filtration technology with multiple layers of scanning dismisses spam email messages. SSL encryption service, uptime SLA guarantee, 24x7x365 tech and maintenance support, 2 state-of-art data centers in US and certified professionals are some of the advantageous features of Unisecure email hosting solution.