Upgrade from free blog hosting to Paid hosting before it’s too late!

Making Money from Blog

Blogging has become a trending way of making money through advertisements. Many individuals are expressing their ideas and opinions through blogs. On the other hand, enterprises are also making use of blogging for several advantageous reasons. Many of these blogs are hosted on free blog hosting sites, which are considered as good starting point for beginners and novice. They can easily get adapted to blogging set up with free blog hosting sites.

But, on the other hand, free blog hosts can be an agony for serious bloggers, in many ways. There are several disadvantages of free blog hosting that bring distress to the bloggers:

  • The free hosted blog URLs are neither attractive nor user-friendly. These URLs are added with the name of free blog site, making it longer than required. It also becomes very tough to articulate it, especially if it needs to be expressed over phone.
  • If your blogs are not bringing money to the free host provider, you may start facing numerous problems. You would expect your blogs to grow in terms of visibility and number of visitors but the outcome will be reversed.
  • Several free blog hosts also provide the paid services, so if there is a downtime issue, the paid users will be given prior attention to get them running, while free hosting blog users may have to suffer a lot. So you will be kept waiting for long and a longer downtime will mean that the visitors will lose interest in checking/visiting your blogs.
  • If your blog grows large enough that it needs to move to paid hosting, then it will come with various complications. Free hosting doesn’t allow the redirecting of URL, so your blog URL will need to be changed. You may lose your regular visitors and you will need to start from scratch in terms of creating your blog visitor base.

The conclusion is that if you are blogging just like that, you may continue using free blog host sites, but if you aspire to be a professional blogger, do not rely on free hosting sites at all. Opt only for good professional blog hosting solutions.