Is SVG Imaging a Good Practice ?


Whether you hold graphics background or no, but if you pay attention towards image formats while sending an image you would have seen formats such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG. These are the most popular ones. But recently SVG is blooming in the graphics industry. Wondering what’s that? SVG stands for ‘Scalable Vector Graphics’. Not at all like other typical image formats that are characterized by pixels, SVG files are vector based utilizing XML syntax. They show splendidly regardless of what resolution they’re being seen at, which can make them a perfect picture format for the world of web. Yet, there are reasons you need to reconsider before utilizing it. But before getting into that let’s discuss the benefits of SVG image format.


SVG is always text-based

Dissimilar to other graphical software, SVG works in a different way. You can utilize other software programs, yet at the same time, you feel as though you are drawing an image. With SVG, the final product looks like an accumulation of lovely words. Remember that the words turn out to be more influential on the web than images. Also, the search engines, for example, Google or Yahoo, search for the particular keywords or key phrases. For instance, if you upload JPEG, you can adequately restrain yourself to a title of your designs and in addition the alt phrases. With SVG coding, you can grow your possibilities.

The benefits don’t end here. SVG images allow you to draw complex images and also have them easily rendered on the website pages. To do this, you either have to use the ‘question labels’ to embed SVG or do it with the ‘insert labels’. You can also include ‘iframe’ to incorporate SVG graphics.

SVG involves vector technology

In case of image designing, the raster image is the one made with small dots or pixels and the vector image is a mix of the lines. One of the pros of SVG image is that it utilizes vector innovation and is very versatile. The vector designs are broadly utilized for mathematical calculations. To realize any adjustment in size, you just need to change the numbers.

SVG pictures are light contrasted with JPEG pictures.

If you plan to expand a JPEG image, it gets heavier. Yet, with SVG, the heaviness of the image remains same, independent of how large you wish it to extend. A two-inch width square measures the same as one hundred inch width square.

The SVG logo can be edited

If you wish to make an improvement after a picture has been taken, you need to take another picture to reset the entire scene. With a Scalable Vector Graphics picture, you won’t have to confront this kind of issue. In case you make a mistake, you can easily change arranges or word in the text editor, hence guaranteeing that you can finish the task effectively.

SVG works within various language formats

The SVG logo makes utilization of text-based codes where SVG graphic is utilized as the base and CSS is likewise used to clean it. Such pictures can speak up a thousand words. You should simply create core codes and after that utilization design procedures and influence the picture to work at whatever point you wish.


Be specific

You should know that this image format shouldn’t be utilized to supplant all image organizes on your site. For example, for images that require deep color, it’s likely better to stay with JPEG images.

Broadly, however not totally supported

SVG files are generally perceived in most widely recognized browsers. However, some older browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, won’t support this image format.

Know about possible security risks

Since it’s conceivable to implant content in this file type, for example utilizing JavaScript, there’s the likelihood for hackers to infect SVG files with viruses. In case somebody opens the infected document on their PC, then their entire framework can end up contaminated. This could lead to every record in your PC could be encoded and the hacker will require that you pay them a ransom for them to decode your data. This same strategy can be utilized on an organization’s website. SVG files can be infected and any individual who visits the site may likewise have their PC tainted. When an organization understands the issue, the circumstance will probably have a just escaped hand. This can truly harm the validity of your organization.

SVG files have numerous benefits that are seeking designers/developers into utilizing them. However, you should know about the conceivable dangers and have the capacity to detect and prevent them as they emerge.

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