Web Server Issues Can Have a Negative Impact on Search Engine Rankings

Server Issues Can Have a Negative Impact on Search Engine Rankings

Whether your website is hosted on a shared server or dedicated server, a single technical error can influence the impression of your website on search engine. Every business designs a potential marketing strategy that can promote top Search Engine Ranking and further boost traffic rate. However, it is not only the marketing strategy, but there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The major issue often overlooked is the performance of your web server. In this blog, we will discuss how technical issues arising out of servers can overall have a negative impact on your web rankings.


Effects of Web Server Issue

Improper coding and programming language:

Many websites are loaded with content that includes a number of factor and with the right coding you can reduce the size of your content without compressing its effectiveness. Also, ascertain that your web hosting service provider supports the right programming language as this enables you to optimize your website effortlessly. In case your hosting provider fails to support the particular programming language, find a possible solution for it.


Shared web hosting:

Multiple websites are hosted on a shared web server that ranges from 10 and can go as high up to hundreds. For a start-up business, shared hosting might be the right choice when compared with VPS hosting or dedicated server as it is cost-effective and performs relatively well. Although your service provider assures to protect your website from malware, it can’t be 100% true. If a malware attacks a website hosted on the same server, it can spread rapidly and corrupt other websites, too. If this happens, search engines will certainly take some action to protect other users by removing your website from the ranking.


Server uptime:

Website with an excellent response rate not only generates traffic, but also helps in promoting your search engine ranking. Google bots and other search engine keep crawling your website and if your site is recorded inaccessible or unresponsive at that time, it can potentially affect your ranking. Your server needs to be up and running 24×7 and thus, you need to choose a web hosting company that offers 99.99% server uptime guarantee. Even with that assurance, your server might go down at some stage. What matters is that your service provider needs to prompt in upgrading its software and other technical issue that can prevent server downtime for a longer period.


Website load speed:

Websites with considerably slower load times can also affect your search engine ranking. Faster is better. However, your service provider is not always responsible for poor load times as there are other factors that might be influencing web performance. What you can do is optimize and configure your website and if still things do not work out, better move to other server.

With the given information, you can now find out an ideal solution to boost the performance of your website and deliver quality-driven services to your customers.