Website Speed is Crucial for SEO Rankings

Your website loading time is crucial because users prefer to visit only those sites which loads faster. It means pleasant user experience, longer stay on website, navigation to different pages and more number of total page views. It greatly impacts Website SEO rankings which means more lead generations for the organization.

Users avoid revisiting websites which take longer loading time. Research suggests that if users have to wait more than 5 seconds for website to load, most likely they will immediately switch elsewhere. So always keep an eye on your server loading speed. There could be many possible reasons for slow website speed such as bad web hosting, poor bandwidth, lack of optimization, inefficient bulky code, too much flash, excessive spam etc.

Google, Bing and all other search engine ranks the website based on multiple parameters and website speed is one of those parameters. So, the enterprises should optimize their server for fast content delivery as the foremost step to push their SEO results. Faster website loading means better user experience. 

Measures to help in speeding up the page loading and improving the ranking in search engines.

Improved server response time: Host your website with high quality servers at best data center locations that offer enough bandwidth for your business traffic requirements. Upgrade your server plan for improved server response time.

Optimization: Optimized web content will reduce the loading time. The formats that can reduce the size of images and video should be ideally used to be uploaded on the website.

CDN: Content Delivery Network services will help in faster content delivery by hosting images and video on different server networks, specially if you experience high traffic on your website or if you have an e-commerce website.

Remove unnecessary plug-ins: Unnecessary plug-ins will make your website heavy that will pull down its loading speed. So you should prune out such plug-ins.