What Is Meant By Green Data Centers ?

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A data center houses multiple servers which emit a lot of radiations and heat waves. In order to keep these servers functioning, climate conditions are artificially created by installing several cooling units, which consume a lot of power.

Usually, the traditional data center locations have been built with the old technologies. The obsolete equipment and machines at these data centers consume much more energy which impacts the environment adversely. Today, data center industry is focusing towards energy-efficient technologies. Green Data Centers came into being where innovative technologies are put to use best to reduce the carbon emissions and optimize.

A green data center is one which acts as a repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data. It includes an energy-efficient facility of systems designed for maximum energy efficiency and to reduce environmental impact. The construction & operation of these green data center also includes advanced technologies and strategies.

A Green Data Center is Generally Designed With:

  • Heat resistant building materials
  • Advanced cooling technologies like close couple liquid, evaporative cooling and free cooling systems etc.
  • Water recycling
  • Use of non-renewable sources of power
  • Reuse the server heat with the use of server rack heat exchanger re-generate energy

Features of Green Data Center:

Water Side Economization: Water side economization in data center helps in minimizing chiller and compressor operation. It functions by using the cool outside air to remove heat from the chilled water loop.

This helps in energy conservation, lower total costs, better fault tolerance and increased availability of data centers.

Demand Based Cooling: Demand-based cooling is a control system in a green data center that modulates cooling system unit operation based on temperature management. It uses the cold aisles using sensors mounted directly at the intake of the server cabinet. This allows delivering the right amount of cooling for operational purposes in green data centers. This feature allows in energy conservation, better fault tolerance and to reduce total costs.

Lesser Heat Emissions: The world has lately awakened to the adverse effects of global warming, hence, everywhere there are efforts being taken to save energy, save fuels and save the environment. Continuous innovations in technologies are made to create better energy efficient machines. Green data centers built with heat-resistant materials and latest energy efficient technologies will cause lesser heat emissions.

Low power consumption: Green data centers employ an alternative source of energy-solar power, hydro or wind energy. Lesser use of non-renewable energy signifies care for the environment.

Heat resistant technologies: The materials used in the construction of the building are also low on heat absorption and emissions.

Energy utilization per square foot: This is one of the best methods to calculate energy consumption. Instead of calculating as “Performance per penny” calculations with “performance per watt” will give better results.

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