What are Zombie Servers and Ghost Servers?

Data Center Zombie Servers

Often zombie servers are mistaken for zombie computers while the two terms are far different from each other. Zombie computers are compromised systems that enable hackers or attackers to perform Denial of Service Attack (DoS), while zombie servers are idle servers in data centers that use power and other resources but do nothing.

Keeping them operational in such condition can raise your IT expenditure as it consumes more energy than it does normally. Raritan mentioned in an article that if 10% of servers within 1000 servers in a data center are zombie servers then the expenses could go high up to $23,000. Turning the server down can affect your business operation, which can directly have a negative effect on your revenue. So what do you do with it? Instead of maintaining idle servers or discontinuing them, you can work out things by creating a strategic plan.

What to do with Zombie Servers?

Firstly, examine your data center to find out the servers that are up and running and the ones that are nearly dead. This can be a complicated process, as you will have to dig all of the files and applications activities and databases location to find out the ineffective servers.

Once the zombie servers are recognized, what you can do is move certain applications these systems might still support. Apart from this option, managed hosting can be an ideal source to address zombie server that will further reduce the pain of finding the zombie server manually.

Managed hosting service providers take the entire responsibility of managing your server that is positioned in an off-site IT infrastructure. The service includes monitoring, configuring, patching and taking regular back-ups, which is usually performed by highly skilled technicians. With such managed environment, end-users are assured that their mission-critical applications are always functioning since it is kept are under professional observance.

This further diminishes the possibilities of zombie servers as all of the resources are used appropriately. Not only this but managed hosting also lets you concentrate more on your business as your property is maintained in a secured data center and managed by professionals.

Zombie servers simply eat up more energy and resources remaining idle and if you let it continue, you will certainly have a pay a lot for it. With so many simplified services available for assistance, you can opt for it and upkeep a friendly server environment, work efficiently and offer better services to your customers.