Which Data Center To Host In The US ?

Choosing a data center provider for your web server hosting services and managing your mission-critical business data is the most crucial part of IT management decision making. The most suitable location, proximity, lesser latency, proper infrastructure, advanced technology, green power resources, security, all these are major considerations when you are looking for a data center services in the US.

The US is the hub of DC with numerous server hosting services providers. So choosing the right tier-4 data center to host your web becomes more difficult here. However, a small effort and planning can make you find the best data center providers. You just need to outline your business goals, plan in detail your web needs. Next, you need to start your search for data center providers which match your IT needs. 

Here are few more things that must be considered when choosing DC in US:

Latency: It defines the data transfer speed i.e. the time taken by data to get transferred from a server to the end-user. Remember, lesser the latency, faster the speed. 

Redundant Infrastructure: It is important to identify that the chosen data center services provider has redundant infrastructure. It means they have sufficient backup systems for power outage like UPS and generators, to make sure immediate failover is obtained.

Network Uptime: A data center offering 99.99% network uptime guarantee SLA is an ideal choice. In addition to that, choose only carrier-neutral DC in the US as they have services from multiple ISPs. You have an option to switch network to gain cost-efficiency.

Security: A well-planned security system is vital for any data center because it hosts critical business data of several corporates. So, ensure that there are multi-layered of security mechanisms in the data center along with latest firewalls, HTTP, SQL, DDoS protection measures etc. 

Energy-efficiency: The certifications conferred to the DC by the recognized bodies like LEED, ISO etc. for quality assurance and energy efficiency signifies the credibility and reliability of the DC.

24X7 Support: 24×7 technical support is of utmost importance. It is quite possible an error might occur & your online website will crash. To avoid this, you need to have 24×7 technical support to bounce back to original state. For this, check whether vendors offer various options like onsite support to call center support to solve clients problems.

Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Planning:  It is critical for a business to sync with business continuity plan of DC and hosting provider as well as of that of business. Along with this, businesses should also have a disaster recovery plan ready to recover data completely. It serves to bring business back to normalcy.


Unisecure offers N+1 redundancy and 99.99% network uptime with its carrier neutral data centers in the US, at Conshohocken and Philadelphia.