Why are Private Cloud Infrastructure better than public Cloud hosting ?

Cloud computing is available in a wide range of options. Cloud hosting can be the Public, Private or Hybrid environment. Many enterprises find public cloud resources and features best suited and enough for their business. While several prefer to opt Private cloud hosting over public cloud.

Public cloud resources are shared by multiple users as cloud tenants. The public cloud provider divides the storage, data, RAM and all other resources among these tenants. The provider manages, maintains and update the infrastructure at the data centers. Usually, Public cloud is recommended for small businesses, beginners and the ones with limited IT budget and small scale of operations. The moment the business expands and starts growing with improved revenue, it needs better controls, and advanced applications deployed in private cloud environment for better security and dedicated resources.

Below are the advantages of Private cloud over Public cloud:

Security Controls: Private Cloud hosting comes with better security controls. The bigger the organization, more they are prone to threats, DDoS attacks, Virus and hacking. So they need better firewall strategy, multi-level security, in-depth security settings.

Customizable: Private Cloud caters to the user-specific needs, so the resources can be customized. Hardware, storage, network etc. can be managed according to the specifications and requirements of the user. Such customization is not possible in Public cloud hosting.

Compliance: Private cloud is a hosting platform where the hosting resources like storage, RAM, network and hardware configuration are reserved for the single user. Compliance with specific applications and software is possible with private cloud hosting, especially in comparison with public cloud.

Improved performance: The data transfer rate within the enterprises’ private cloud network is very fast and there are rare chances for downtime due to dedicated resources. Public cloud has comparatively slower speed and streaming issues.

Reliability: With greater security levels, faster network performance and higher service availability, dedicated infrastructure, private cloud definitely is much more reliable than public cloud.