Why Doesn’t Only Internet Bandwidth Matter?

hosting server bandwidth

Internet Bandwidth is unquestionably critical when you pick a web connection, nonetheless, it is not only the factor that chooses the performance of the network. When it comes to data center connectivity, the term is viewed as vital at whatever point internet speed is talked about.

The upstream and downstream speed depends exceptionally on your bandwidth speed as the element of bandwidth is to offer better load times. Meaning, it chooses how much information can be exchanged from a specific gadget to another within certain time period.

With bandwidth, you can encounter faster connectivity and faster transfers and downloads, similar to you can see online videos, download them or upload some substance.

How latency affects network connection?

Latency determines the time required to transfer data between devices. Basically, it is the amount of time required by a web hosting server to receive and respond to the user’s request. For instance, when a user request for a particular website through a web browser to the hosting server, it then decodes the request and responds back to the user with the requested website. Now, the time server took to receive and process the request is latency. If latency is excessive, you might find difficulty in retrieving the web page. So, if loading small pages is an issue, downloading larger files can be impossible, regardless of your bandwidth.

What causes latency?

The two major reasons are router and distance. If there is some issue with the router, the network will be surely hampered. Another factor is the distance between web hosting company and the user. If latency is creating issues on the network, you need to first find out the source of latency. If it is distance, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) services can be assistive as it can help shorten the distance between the two sources, further improving network speed. But, if the router is the issue, consider upgrading.

So, it is not simply about buying the best bandwidth plans for your needs, but knowing about latency and its impact on business productivity is equally essential.

How Hardware & Software configurations affect network performance?

One of the factors that affect internet speed is computer configuration. This could affect internet speed. The common cause for this could be :

  1. Poor performing processor to handle requests.
  2. Hard disk speed.
  3. Insufficient memory to handle requests.
  4. Computer Virus, Spyware etc hampering normal operation.
  5. Operating system incompatibility.

This can be resolved by matching the recommended settings for internet usage with those of hardware & software configurations.


How Home Network traffic affect network performance?

Network traffic affects network speed. When multiple connected computers or devices like mobile phone, wireless router etc connect simultaneously to the same network then they share the available bandwidth, Internet access speed etc and it gets reduced for usage.

How type of network affect network performance?

Wireless connection, unlike wired connection, is subject to subject to various conditions that affect throughput. It is subjected to conditions like local radio environment, different devices sharing the same wireless network, the range of wireless coverage, interference’s, physical obstacles and also the capability of receiving end. As a result, actual wireless connection speed may vary & will be comparatively less than the maximum throughput.

How network condition affect network performance?

Each website is served by a managed hosting server connected to the network, and network bandwidth is distributed according to a website’s usage to various client’s connected to it. So when the number of users is low, your connection speed will be faster as bandwidth is shared less between users.In contrast, when the number of simultaneous users is high, your linking network server will get congested & cause the connection speed to drop. This situation could be worse if the web hosting server is on a foreign network & the users using it are large. This situation can also get better or worse depending on the bandwidth that is available for usage.

How type of utilization of service affect network performance?

Internet connection speeds differ and depend on what services are being used at the same time e.g. web browsing, internet television and so on. Bandwidth demanding applications such as file sharing, video conferencing, and watching online movies, and software used will also influence internet access speeds, as they consume bandwidth, as well as the processing power of your computer. Eg web browsing, downloading or watching live Internet television and so on.

Thus, the performance of your network doesn’t solely depend on the bandwidth but also depends on other factors involved in the process like latency, internet traffic, computer’s hardware & software configuration, traffic on home network, type of network, type of services utilized etc.