Why is everyone looking for Hybrid Cloud?

benefits of Hybrid Cloud solutions

Hybrid cloud is the miraculous blend of benefits of public cloud and private cloud. Several studies on cloud solutions have been conducted to measure the increase in its growth among enterprises. Study reports suggest that almost 70% of the companies will switch to Hybrid cloud or Public cloud soon. Reports even suggest that more than 60% of the companies which are already using cloud will increase their spending in the cloud by 20% or more in the near future.

What are the reasons behind the growing fondness of businesses toward hybrid cloud solutions?

There are multiple benefits of hybrid cloud that lure the users to move their business data to it. Moreover, it fits the businesses of all sizes. The most important factor about the hybrid cloud is that it complements the existing server infrastructure and not replace it. It comes with the advantages of both the world where you are secured as well as accessible. It will add to the capabilities of your servers and network.

Below are the benefits of Hybrid Cloud solutions:

Cost advantages: Hybrid Cloud are cost-efficient as they can be billed on an hourly basis and pay-per-use pricing model is used for billing the services. Thereby users only pay for what resources they have used, so there is no frill cost.

Better security: One of the major advantages of Hybrid Cloud is the better control over the storage of private and sensitive information. Incredible Flexibility and scalability are offered by the cloud solutions. The dedicated server secures the sensitive information in a protected firewall while the major content can still be accessible through the public cloud.

Customizable: Cloud solutions are customizable specifically to the needs of the enterprises. Dedicated infrastructure offers performance, security and stability while the cloud adds incredible flexibility and scalability to the services. The advantages of the hybrid cloud are unique and it’s a fit-for-all solution.

Encourages innovation: Hybrid cloud allows users to access the public cloud which enables them to build and test the new capabilities and technologies in no time, neither it’s a costly affair.