Why to Choose Bare-Metal Servers for Cloud?

cloud bare metal hosting server

A right Cloud hosting solution for your business can be advantageous in many ways. So, be careful in making decisions related to choosing cloud model, server deployment etc. When it comes to selecting the server deployment models for the cloud, the IT managers and CIOs have two options – Bare metal servers or virtual servers. Today, cloud server hosting providers are offering cloud solutions which are the blend of multiple technologies like virtualization, orchestration, and automation etc. No other solution is as flexible, secured, scalable and reliable as Cloud.

But the main concern is whether to build a cloud in a virtualized environment or to choose the non-virtualized environment, i.e. bare metal server.

The answer is that although Virtualization technology has come so far that now it’s agile and much better than earlier times but nothing works like a bare metal server. Bare metal servers are basically the physical dedicated servers which are deployed on-demand and can be billed hourly.

Here are the Advantages of Bare Metal Servers :

Improved Performance: Customization of hardware to your specific workload requirements. Traditional virtualized environment requires a hypervisor layer to run the cloud which in turn consumes much of the server’s processing power. While in a Bare-metal server environment, there is no need of such hypervisor and neither the resources are shared, so its processing power is completely dedicated to the user’s workloads.

Lower Costs: Bare metal dedicated servers costs less in terms of outbound data transfer. A good cloud hosting provider can offer around 15 TB of free outbound transfer per server per month.

Lesser software licensing fees: Bare metal servers for cloud incurs lesser costs even in terms of software licensing as the bare metal infrastructure greatly complies even with the low-cost software deployment. However, growth in the deployment will mean growth in the results.

Quicker provisioning: Unlike the virtual servers, cloud in a bare metal server can be deployed in few minutes and the user can be able to access the self-service portal within few minutes of provisioning.  

SDK’s: Several Software Development Kits are accessible for simple joining with the Bare Metal Cloud Service APIs, including SDKs. This SDKs can support multiple programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python etc.

Bare Metal Cloud Services Console: Bare Metal Cloud Hosting Services support use of a Console. This console is an intuitive, graphical interface. It lets you create & manage your instances, cloud networks, storage volumes etc. It also supports adding of users & setting their respective permissions.

Bare Metal Cloud Services APIs: The Bare Metal Cloud Services along with SDK,s can use typical REST APIs that use HTTPS requests and responses for functioning.