Why to Choose Unisecure’s Private Cloud Hosting Service?

Private cloud hosting service

Private cloud servers have gained a lot of popularity over years not only in the IT world but also in other business and non-profit sectors. The technology offers a range of unparalleled benefits that is encouraging more organizations to adopt it. Unlike public cloud server that hosts multiple websites on a single server, private cloud is based in a secure environment and is dedicated entirely to a single end user. Features that set apart private cloud from public cloud server is better control over servers, optimized security level, and high server performance. However, you need to choose a reliable hosting provider and Unisecure hosting can be the rational choice.

Unisecure has been offering managed cloud hosting services for over a decade and since then has served a number of clients. Here is what makes the service provider different from its competitors:


Unisecure’s Private Cloud Hosting Service provides offers ultimate level of flexibility. These solutions are designed to fulfill the exact requirements of businesses. These solutions can be built from the base level. While doing this, it also takes care of the technical performance requirements, the Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) and data protection compliance levels that are related to the solutions.


Unisecure provides private cloud services wherein the hardware resources are part of the cloud. These are dedicated to your applications and not being shared with anyone. You can also have the flexibility to determine exactly how many processor cores, RAM, disk space you might need. This will help dedicate the hardware/software to your business & in turn increase performance.


With Unisecure’s private cloud service, you can easily scale your server performance whenever you need it, which includes RAM, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Besides, the process to scale your website is indeed simple as it involves just a few steps through the administrator control panel to get things done.

Optimum Security and Better Control

A private cloud server is just like dedicated hosting server – assures top-level security and privacy. However, there are a number of factors that determine the intensity of security such as firewall protocol, anti-virus software, and physical security, and if everything falls into place, you are assured that your data is safe in its place. Unisecure’s multi-layered security system and the latest firewall infrastructures protect your data from external threat. Besides, it also gives you full access to control your Cloud VPS as you want and store whatever you need on it.

Freedom of Choice

Every cloud servers offered by Unisecure can run on any operating system and software, making it convenient and reliable for you to achieve operational excellence. No matter what your private cloud requirements are, the company can provide you with the finest cloud solutions.

Increased Stability

At a certain stage, your servers might go down. However, in a cloud-friendly environment, if one of your servers fails, it can be transited mechanically to the alternate VPS server that is up and running, maintaining business continuity.

Rather than hosting your own servers and investing huge amount on resources for its maintenance and administration, you can host it with Unisecure.

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