Windows Server Protection Against Serious HTTP.sys Vulnerability

HTTP.sys Vulnerability-unisecure

HTTPS.sys is the vulnerability that not only affects the Windows servers but the entire range of Microsoft products. This is a serious concern because it may affect more than 70 million Windows Server hosted sites. However, Microsoft has already designed the security updates to fix this issue for all supported versions of Windows. Here are the details on Windows Server HTTP.sys Vulnerability.

HTTP.sys Vulnerability

It is a threat component that lies with the Microsoft HTTP protocol stack also called as HTTP.sys. It is a security loophole which may lead to serious intrusions into the system through remote code execution. Cybercriminals send a specific HTTP request to access the vulnerable windows systems.

Anyway, users need to worry much because the security updates by Microsoft are available to address this vulnerability.  by changing the settings for how Windows HTTP stack manages the HTTP requests.

What are the damages caused by this bug into the affected systems?

It can affect even cloud and dedicated server users who are using Windows Operating Systems for their businesses. As mentioned earlier that irrespective of Windows OS versions, the vulnerability is present across all products of Microsoft. Once the hackers get access to the affected system, the exploitation can be irrevocable.

How to recognize if yours is one among the affected systems?

There are open source websites available online that may help you in detecting whether your system has the bug or not and even if it has been patched for the same. These open source websites allow the public web servers to be tested for the presence of the vulnerability

Best ways to protect your system against HTTP.sys Vulnerability:

The best source to get help for the affected systems can be availed right at the Microsoft Support center. For this specific issue of HTTP.sys vulnerability, you can find all the answers here-