Data security – it’s important!

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Data security is very crucial for any business. Many a times, it is supposed that only big companies are endangered by the cyber hackers. But, this is not the scenario anymore. Today, even small and medium enterprises are not spared from such attacks. It’s not the size of the business that matters. Anyone who is online is under the threat of cyber attacks. Your business data are your assets that will help your small business grow large. So what matters is the data and its security. In fact, a reputed research firm has reported that the biggest issues companies facing today, are related to cyber-security.

Data Security Planning

Cost: First and foremost you should research and calculate an estimated cost for security upgrades, for your size of the organisation. With multiple server hosting security techniques available today, businesses of any size should be able to afford a complete protection for business data.

Where potential threats lie: Before you invest in security measures, think about the biggest possible threat to your sensitive data. Identify the potential points attack so that you know where you need to be secured the most. Also be careful and don’t compromise data security techniques by sharing the setting passwords with anyone.

Below are some significant measures to improve your data security measures and keep it protected from any cyber risk:

Encryption: It’s necessary to feed strong password for the security of sensitive business data or applications. By setting up the password with alpha-numeric characters will strengthen the security. Many a times, people tend to set easy-to-recall passwords like birth date or names etc. But this is a wrong practice because hackers can easily decode such passwords. A complicated set of characters in the password makes it difficult for hackers to reach the account because it will be strongly encoded.

Always update your operating system: Every now and then, cyber criminals are generating new virus, malware, spyware etc. which are constantly trying to invade user privacy and steal information. By upgrading your operating system, you will be able to keep such threats away from your system.

SSL certificates: SSL certificate is a verified sign of a secured website. It establishes a secured communication or transaction between the user and the website.

DDoS Security: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are getting very common these days. It is an online attack which redirects the user to some malicious websites and even a single click on these virus infected sites may breach into the web server hosting security. So, it’s always advised for businesses to have a DDoS protection to prevent against harmful DDoS attack.

Set alerts for any suspicious activity: The enterprises can also set alerts for suspicious activities which will immediately alarm the security team to take quick actions.

A regular backup of your data will prevent your business from any significant data loss. You can avail disaster recovery services and several cloud backup hosting solution options.